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Border Crossing from USA into Canada

Reviewed with Canadian Border Guards on January 30, 2023. Phone number for specific questions: 1-800-461-9999. Information for crossing back into the US  call 1-877-227-5511. All COVID restrictions are lifted. Driver and passenger must have current US passports or other current and appropriate documentation. When crossing into Canada the shipper must have for each equine a negative Coggins test that is less than 180 days old (for the duration of the visit). They must also have a USDA Export Veterinary Certificate for export into Canada for less than 30 days that has been performed and signed by a US certified veterinarian. This certifies that the animal is in good health. Some inspectors ask for documentation that shows you are coming to a competition so it is suggested that  you bring the prize list or a copy of your entry. The driver may bring into Canada sufficient bedding and feed for the duration of the animal/s’ visit.

Driving through the Canadian Customs the driver with the equine should enter through the Commercial Lanes at the border. They will then show their papers to the inspectors there. Please be sure to have your papers in order.

.  Note for additional information See: