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ADS Mesurements For VSE & Pony Competitors

  1. ADS Measurements are necessary for VSE and Pony Competitors.
  2. Animals must be measured prior to their first competition for each year of competition until the year in which the animal reaches the age of 8 years, after which they will receive a permanent card.
  3. ADS Measurements may be performed by:
    a) Trained ADS Licensed Official
    b) Measurement trained FEI of USEF Licensed Official
    c) Veterinarian
  4. Measurement from highest point of withers with animal on hard, flat, level surface.
  5. Front legs must be parallel and perpendicular with front toes inline and all four feet taking
  6. Photographic identification and measurement done by Veterinarian on forms such as a Coggins
    Is acceptable for animal identification. (HAVE YOUR VET PUT ANIMAL MEASUREMENT ON
  7. Form may be found on the ADS website under ADS VSE/Pony Measurement Form and must be
    filled out prior to coming for measurements.
  8. Photos required are
    a) Image from head on
    b) Image of left side
    c) Image of right side
  9. If you do not have a temporary or permanent measurement card (depending on your equine’s
    Age) for the year you are attending the GLCC then you may have the measurement card
    performed at the GLCC. Please see the show schedule for times of ADS VSE/Pony
    measurement during the show.