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Pleasure Divisions

  • An equine greater that 149cm with shoes or greater than 148cm without shoes
Very Small Equine (VSE)     
  • An equine that measures under 99cm with or without shoes
Small Single Pony
  • Limited to equines that are 99cm to less than 120cm: with or without shoes
Large Single Pony
  • Limited to equines that are 120cm to 148cmwith or without shoes, 149cm with shoes
  • Driver less than 19yo as of Jan 1, 2024
  • Must wear a helmet at all times.
  • Parental consent must accompany entry if whip <19yo.
  • Stallions are prohibited in junior classes
  • Knowledgeable adult must accompany at all times if whip is 10yo or below.
  • If 11 to 13yo a knowledgeable adult must accompany on the carriage, unless equine is a VSE in a securely enclosed arena
  • If 14yo or greater, a knowledgeable adult is not a requirement on the carriage.
  • A groom may also ride on carriage if desired in the Junior division.
Pair or Tandem   
  • A pair or tandem of horses, ponies or VSE’s.
  • Four horses or ponies shown to an appropriate vehicle (e.g. small sport carriage or CDE presentation vehicle).
Para/COOL/SN Drivers *         
  • Documentation outlining whip’s restrictions must be submitted with entry form by entry due date of July 12, 2024
Coach Assisted    
  • Whip or equine in first two years of showing in this division at the GLCC. This division is open to adults but if there is sufficient interest (3 or more) a Junior Coach Assisted Division will be created 
  • Coach may ride on carriage as an instructing passenger or instruct from sidelines using electronic means. Coach may verbally assist the whip but not touch reins while the turnout is on the rail. If the coach touches the reins while on the rail, the turnout will be eliminated for that specific class but may complete the class if it is safe to do so.  In line up coach may come into ring from sidelines or dismount from carriage to head equine. In line up the coach may touch the equine or reins. Verbal assistance from the coach must not interfere with other competitors’ experience or the judge’s instructions.
  • The equine/driver combination that enters this division may not cross enter in another division but the equine or driver may cross enter.
Utility Horse              
  • Equine greater that 149cm with shoes or greater that 148cm without shoes. Training vehicles with clean harness and clean, neat clothing. Wire wheeled vehicles and vehicles with pneumatic tires accepted in this division without prior show manager approval. 
Utility Pony/VSE   
  • an equine 149cm or less with shoes or 148 cm or less without shoes.
* NOTE * COOL – Conquering Obstacles Overcoming Limitations (AMHR) and * SN – Special Needs (AMHA)

Dressage and CDE Style Cones


  1. Training
  2. Preliminary
  3. Intermediate

Divisions within each level

Horse – equine greater than 149 cm with shoes or greater than 148 cm without shoes
VSE – equine that is under 99 cm with or without shoes
Pony – equine that is 99cm to 148 cm with or without shoes  or 149 cm with shoes
Multiple – any size equines driven in a pair, tandem or four

Note: For exact measurement 1cm is 0.0984 Hands, One hand is four inches or 10.2 cm

Draft breeds, donkeys and mules are encouraged to participate, and provisions will be made accordingly.

Drivers must wear a hat or helmet, apron or knee rug and gloves. Conservative dress is best and should conform to vehicle. Period dress is discouraged.

To avoid elimination a whip must be carried in all classes (unless accommodation approved). Whip thong must reach the shoulder of the furthest animal.

For each turnout in the Pleasure Division the same vehicle must be used for all five classes of a division.